World’s First AI Parking Management System Goes Live

The world’s first AI parking management system recently went live, a revolutionary technological innovation that will change the way parking lots are managed.

The system, developed by a Chinese company, is centered on artificial intelligence technology that automatically identifies vehicles and license plate numbers. At the entrance of the parking lot, the system will automatically identify the vehicle and then display the license plate number and parking fee on the screen. At the exit of the parking lot, the system will automatically recognize the license plate number and charge the corresponding parking fee according to the parking time. In this way, not only can the efficiency of parking management be improved, but also the cost and error rate of manual operation can be reduced.

In addition to automatic recognition of vehicles and license plate numbers, the system also has other functions. For example, it can realize remote monitoring and management of the parking lot through cloud technology. The administrator can monitor the parking lot remotely through cell phone or computer, including the number of vehicles, parking time and charge situation. This will greatly facilitate the work of parking lot managers.

In addition, the system also has intelligent reservation and navigation functions. Users can reserve a parking space in advance and navigate to the designated parking space via cell phone app or computer. This will reduce the user’s search time in the parking lot and improve the user’s parking experience.

This world’s first AI parking management system has already been widely used in parking lots in several cities in China. It is reported that the system will also be rolled out globally to bring greater convenience and efficiency to parking management.

In short, the launch of the world’s first AI parking management system marks a new era in parking management technology.

Post time: Mar-30-2023