BISEN BS-DZ46 24VDC brushless motor barrier Gate

Short Description:

Use 24V low voltage drive.
Adopting DC brushless motor, er word limit, gear reduction.
Adopting bearing seat vertical installation.
Running speed up to 1.2s, adjustable running speed, soft start and soft stop.

  • Technical Data:
  • Power supply: 24V DC 土5%
  • Max. length of boom: 6 Meters
  • Time of Up / Down: 1.2S-3.5S ; 3.6S-6S
  • Working environment: -30℃ - 70℃
  • Protection Class: IP55
  • Product Detail

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    Power supply:24V DC 土5%

    Max. length of boom:6 Meters

    Time of Up / Down:1.2S-3.5S/3.6S-6S

    Working environment:-30℃ - 70℃

    Protection Class:IP55

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